MLP Cup 2019

Manfred Lautenschläger und Desta
Tariku, Desta und Freunde

As well as last year, Tariku travelled from Addis Ababa to Nußloch to thank the supporters of his project personally. The Ethiopian delegation also included Adolfo Varnero, Stefano Ferrari, Alberto Elmi and Gash Workshet. In a cooperation meeting, the project managers discussed the future of TDKET as well as the visit of the Ethiopian children in summer.

In addition, Tariku watched the tennis matches of the international men's world ranking tournament with a lot of fun and enjoyed the reunion with old friends and acquaintances. During the MLP Cup, tournament organizer Rolf Staguhn and his assistant Allison were collecting donations for the TDKET.

Particular success for Sara and Mekides

Sara Kasahune and Mekides Adane - both 2nd generation children of TDKET - scored their first world ranking points at the ITF East Africa Junior Circuit 18 in Kenya.

The two Ethiopian girls made it to the semi-finals in doubles, where they lost in an exciting match against the later winners of the tournament. Sara, only 14 years old, and Mekides, 15 years old, showed excellent tennis and proudly represented TDKET!

Thank you to the staff of the Suisse Clinic

The children of TDKET get great help every Saturday from the employees of the Suisse Clinic in Addis Ababa. The staff is able to examine and treat five children each time. In a country like Ethiopia, this free support is a great gesture of humanity. On behalf of the TDKET kids, we want to thank you for your help!

The Suisse Clinic is a medical center for families. Four physicians, who have studied and graduated in the USA and Scotland, take care of their patients comprehensively and competently.

Tariku in Germany

We are right in the middle of the MLP-Cup 2018 and are happy that Tariku is with us. He came especially for this week to Germany. He is looking forward to exciting matches. The tournament is dedicated to the TDKET and a highlight of the year!

Yonas in interview!

We are proud and overwhelmed to see Yonas in interview on the occasion of the award ceremony of the Arthur Ashe Junior Leadership & Sportsmanship Award in New York. Yonas explains in the interview his experience of joining Tennis at the age of 6 through the TDKET Project. He thanked all the trainers, supporters and friends who made it possible for him!

Special appreciation to Tariku and Desta Tesfaye, who have helped Yonas in his career through their project.
“Arthur Ashe made history that will last forever”, says Yonas in this interview. We can also say the same about him- he did it and goes his way!

Click here to see the interview.

Successful weeks in Germany

Manfred Lautenschläger with Sara, Mekides, Obsa and Yabets
The kids and their supporters in Germany

Sara, Mekides, Obsa, Yabets and their coach Tariku were at the Racket Center from the 12th of July to the 21st of August. They played a lot on our tennis courts and had national, regional and international tournaments. The kids put up a good fight and played successfully against their competitors. Mekides won the SC SAFO Frankfurt Jugendcup, Sara took the 2nd place and Yabets was winner of the side draw. At the Brühl Junior Open both boys reached the semi-final. Mekides won the Rennstadt Cup in Hockenheim, where Sara reached the quarterfinal. Yabets reached the semi-final and Obsa was winner of the side draw. At the TE tournament in Grötzingen Yabets won one round and Mekides lost in the second round of the TE tournament in Renningen.

Among tennis, some other activities were on the agenda. The kids were guests at the summer party of the English Institute in Heidelberg, where also donations were collected.
Of course we want to say thank you to Manfred Lautenschläger. In addition to his activities as supporter of the project he bought the kids and Tariku new shoes, what made them very happy!

Yonas on a visit in Addis

We are glad to inform you that Yonas, a kid of the first tdket generation, visited our kids and their trainer in Addis. He shared his experiences with the second generation and motivated them to stay focused and train hard. 

The image shows Yonas, who is meanwhile studying at the Lewis Clark State College (USA) next to Dinknesh and Tariku.

MLP-Cup 2017 - Coach Tariku visiting Nußloch

This year's MLP-Cup 2017 was devoted according to the motto TDKET. On this occasion coach Tariku visited the Racket Center at Nußloch from 22th - 29th of January in order to communicate recent information concerning the tdket project.
In the course of this, Tariku revealed his heart for children by teaching the young talents the most important tennis-basics with a stoical serenity and an unmistakable ease. They arised obviously enthusiastic and after one hour of tennis training, the children left the hall exhausted as likewise happy.

Project for educational empowerment successfully implemented

Our project for educational empowerment (EEP) was implemented successfully. 
EEP tries to have an amplified focus on schooling besides the tennis training. Concerning this, our children are supposed to demonstrate their home and school study plans. Additionally, detailed processes and follow-up actions were designed carefully in order to be able to evaluate the child specific progress much better. The project also involves monthly training which is expected to improve the children both personally and educationally.

We are glad to inform you that the first two training have already taken place. The corresponding issues were "time management" (picture one) and "self-confidence (picture two). Both proceeded totally promising and the children were absolutely convinced that the training will help them in certain essential aspects. We hope that the continuity of the project can be warranted in the following year, too.

One Pack for One Child - Visiting Addis Ababa

Finally, after a long time, we are able to communicate news from Addis Ababa - and they are really magnificient!

The delegates of "One Pack for One Child" visited our children in Addis Ababa and handed over each of them a package including educational material. It contains 12 excercise books, two pens, two pencils two erasers and two sharpeners. All in all the main value of the whole material donation accounts for 15.000 birr, corresponding a converted amount of about 613€.

The picture shows our children enthusiasticly rising their own package to the air. We are very thankful to "One Pack for One Child" for their material donation, meanwhile we hope that despite of political tensions we will be able to communicate positive news in future.

Yonas Gebre sent a message to all supporters

“Hope all is good with you guys wherever you are at the moment. Another year of school just went by. Time is running and I will be done with my undergraduate studies next May.
All I can say is that this year has been great – both in school and tennis. My team made it to the Nationals where we lost in the second round. I hope that next year will be similar, too. I am at the same camp as I was the last two summers and it has been going very well so far. I will be returning to school by the end of August.
Hopefully all of you have heard that I was named ALL AMERICAN in the NAIA tennis division [All-America awards are annually bestowed on the most outstanding athletes in the various sports in which the program is active. Those selected for All-Conference awards are considered; selection criteria is implemented by each sport].
I will try my best to keep representing all of you guys who have been supporting me since day one and I am forever grateful for that. Looking forward to hearing from you soon.


Finally they are here ...

Finally, Sara, Selamawite, Yoseph and Obssa are here at the Racket Center after a long flight. They already had their first practice lessons with their coach Dinkenesh and on the weekend they will play a tournament in Neckargemünd. Visiting a school class nearby is also part of the program to bring the Ethiopian country, its culture and also the social program closer to the people. We are really looking forward to that. The adventure Germany begins for the kids and we are really happy to have them here!



TDKET with some short news in Ethiopian TV

TDKET gains more and more popularity. In African countries, especially in Ethiopia, CCTV News launched a short news which represent the project in a wonderful way. Tariku and the kids also appear in front of the camera.

This year, there will be four kids from TDKET coming to Germany. In this news two of these kids coming can be seen. That makes us really happy.

Thank you CNTV for these great news!

TDKET Kids visit the African Union in Addis Ababa

This week Tariku took the kids on a trip to the headquarters of the African Union in Addis Ababa. Obviously the children had a lot of fun and took pictures in front of the emblem of the African Union.


Yonas, former TDKET member from Addis Ababa, plays tennis in America very well

Due to his former athletic and school achievements, Yonas has been able to enjoy a tennis scholarship in Indian Wells (USA) for four years now. Last weekend, he and his team won the „Golden State Athletic Conference”. With this success, they also qualify for the American national Championships of Universities where 24 teams will participate at the end of May. We wish Yonas and his team good luck and great success for the tournament.As soon as the championships are over we will publish the results of the team on this homepage. For more Information about Yonas and his Team check out their Homepage:


Successful tournament in Addis Ababa

The children from TDKET had another very successful tournament in their hometown Addis Ababa yesterday. In almost every age group Tariku's kids fought for the victory. Often enough it even happened to be a complete "TDKET-final".
In the picture there are all the winners, second and third placed children who can be proud to raise a cup in the air. Tariku is working hard with the kids and the results show the efforts. Keep it up!

Great success for Obssa and the TDKET girls

At the "East African Championships" in Nairobi (Kenia), Obssa Gemeda (picture: upper line, fourth from the left) achieved the first place in his age level U12. Congratulations! Another tournament for the girls took place in Addis Abeba. The TDKET kids won all categories (U10, U12, U14, women's singles). Most of the time, even the second and third place went to TDKET kids. The were just two children who didn't belong to TDKET winning a medal. Consequently 14 out of 16 medals were won by TDKET children. What a great success!In the following the winners are listed: Winner U10: Rediate Abiot, Winner U12: Hayat Birhanu, Winner U14: Selam Ayele, Winner women's singles: Dinkenesh Tamiru.

Those excellent results proof the great work of the TDKET program!


Looking for donation in kind

On March 3rd another delegation will be sent to Addis in order to support the project. During our last trip it became obvious that there is a general lack of equipment. Since the number of children participating in the project has increased over the past few years, it is necessary to have more equipment. There is a special lack of tennis rackets, strings and grips. Therefore we kindly ask all sponsors of the TDKET project: If you have any used rackets or strings which you don’t need anymore, please consider donating them for the children.
If you are interested you can either call +496224-990918 or simply bring the things to Racket Center Nußloch.
Thanks for your help!

A delegation goes to Addis Ababa

From February 5th until February 13th a delegation went to Ethiopia in order to visit and to support the project in Addis Ababa.
The delegation intends to find new sponsors and godparenthoods which should back up the project directly in Addis Ababa. This support is essential to provide food for the children and to give them the possibility to go to school. Moreover, the Ethiopian children should continue practicing tennis and follow their role-model “Yonas Gebre”, who became a professional tennis player and passed his “Abitur”, thanks to TDKET. Consequently, he has even managed to get a full-time scholarship at a university in the United States. 
We hope the delegation will achieve their goals they have set themselves!

Merry Christmas

Tariku and the kids wish you a merry christmas and a happy new year.Thanks to everybody who supported us the recent years!





A Donation from the "EH Gruppe"

TDKET thanks Mr. Hanselmann for this generous donation. It is a vital contribution for the TDKET project.
Many thanks!





Fundraising campaign "From Nußloch to Addis Ababa with strength training”

The members of the Fitness Center ZAP³ in the Racket Center in Nußloch, Germany, want to cover the distance of 3,230 miles from Nußloch to Addis Ababa by exercising in the milon strength circuit. Every round in the circuit equates half a mile and raises 10 cent for the TDKET project. So TDKET will receive at least a donation of 520 euro. Even smaller donations help the kids in Ethiopia and improve their living conditions. We are curious to see how long it will take the ambitious fitness enthusiasts in Germany to cover the 3,230 miles. In the map you can see the currently covered distance.